Water Features

We provide a full water feature service from design and planning to supply and fit of the feature and surrounding pants.

Why Have a Water Feature

Water features bring an extra dimension to your garden. They bring movement, light and sound. A stylish water feature also adds a unique touch to your garden design.

A water feature doesn’t need to be large, costly or demand much maintenance. With careful planning and design a water feature can enhance any garden large or small.

Our highly skilled team can design and build a water feature that will complement your home, garden and lifestyle.

There are a wide range of water features available including:

  • Water falls
  • Streams
  • Fish ponds
  • Table top fountains
  • Bubbling water container

Whatever your requirements – we can find a water feature to suit your taste and lifestyle

Contact us to find out how a water feature can enhance your home and garden 087 268 0316