Informal Garden Design is a naturalistic and relaxed form of Garden design. In an informal garden, paths and beds follow curves and natural materials are used for hard landscaping.

The informal garden creates a feeling of indulgent relaxation. Furnishings are comfortable and inviting, plants are allowed to spread freely.

Rustic containers, trellises, gazebos or an attractive painted doorway are often used as accent pieces. In spite of its rambling beauty an informal garden still needs careful designing. It's important to get the right balance between unrestrained beauty and organisation. Without careful planning an informal garden can become a messy clash of plants and colours.

If you would like an informal garden design drawn up we’re happy to help. Over the years we have designed and planted hundreds of informal gardens. We will work with you to develop the garden of your dreams. How our Informal Garden Design Process Works To begin, we conduct a full survey of your garden, taking accurate measurements and levels. We ask questions about your ideas and lifestyle for example:.

Will you need a low maintenance garden Is the garden a project for you to work on and develop over time Are you an experienced gardener or a complete beginner Does the garden need to be animal or child-friendly We want you to be completely happy with your garden and so our design is unique to your home and requirements.

During our initial survey, we take careful note of existing trees, drainage and structures. We will also discuss your budget as this will influence the type and quantity of materials used, the final planting scheme and any key features within the garden.

Before & After - Project 1

Before & After - Project 2

Before & After - Project 3