Formal garden design is built around balance, symmetry, straight lines and geometric shapes. Paths tend to be straight with crisp edges.

Colour is kept minimal with pastel shades, greens and whites. Plants tend to be neatly clipped and shaped – think topiary or buxus hedging.

Repetition is common in formal garden design – each side of a path is a mirror image of the other. A formal Garden needs careful planning to bring it to life. Our highly skilled team will work with you to design a formal garden that is tailored to your individual needs.

How our Formal Garden Design Process Works To begin, we conduct a full survey of your garden, taking accurate measurements and levels. We ask questions about your ideas - will you need a low maintenance garden or is the garden a project for you to work on and develop over time. We take note of existing trees, drainage and structures and we work them into the design.

We also discuss your budget as this will influence the type and quantity of materials used, the final planting scheme and any key features within the garden. Our aim is to give you the best and most cost effective solution to make your project come to life.

Once we have all the information we will present you with your garden design. We will discuss the details of the design with you including the any special construction requirements and access arrangements. Contact Emmet for more information on our Formal Garden Design 087 268 0316

Before & After - Project 1

Before & After - Project 2

Before & After - Project 3